The trick with the orientation of the plane on the camera

Hello friends! Today let’s talk about one of the ways of combining video with other video.
For example, we have an object that is standing still, moving camera and 2D footage with smoke.
First you need to calculate the trajectory of the camera. To do this, use the program for tracking. We will not go into details of what the camera tracking and how it works, it is subject to the following articles.
After using the tracking and export, we have a cloud of points and the trajectory of the camera. This is what we need! Now our task is to assign the coordinates of the point from point cloud to a 3D plane.

Next on the 3D plane use video with our smoke and look what happened.

The result is that the smoke looks flat. It is necessary to apply some kind of trick that can hide the fact that our smoke 2d. try to orient our plane on the camera and see what happens.

Now you can see the difference. In fact the plane just turns to the camera all the time. This is just an optical illusion that the smoke became more 3d than previously.
This method is not perfect. Especially since you can still see some artifacts. But the idea I hope is clear. It is best to use this method with objects with unclear prospects (smoke, explosion …) and small movement of the camera.
Incidentally, this method was used in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in the scene of Devistator’s explosion.
In the near future I will make a tutorial that will show you how to orient the plane of the camera in 3 different programs. Stay tuned.

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